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Life and Times Of Carl Grimes – Walking Dead In-Memoriam Video

Last Sunday night we said goodbye to Carl Grimes played by Chandler Riggs. We’ve watched him grow up before our eyes during the 8 seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He’s endured more then most characters on a TV series. Battled Zombies, Growing Pains, Fights with Dad, addiction to chocolate pudding and just being a angry teenager. In the end Carl went by trying to do the right thing. Being a good person. Something he struggled to often. How to be a good person in a world of madness. AMC has put together a memoriam video for fans with a collection of memories from his life in the apocalypse.

We’ll miss hearing CORAL!!!

Carl Grimes meme - The Walking Dead

Gonna miss the meme’s to!

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RIP Carl Grimes

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