RUBES short film

Warning. Be careful when messing with your teachers. They’re smarter then you. Sometimes.

The new comedy-horror short from filmmaker Nathan Allen Bunker takes the teacher revenge story to another level that I’m sure many teachers wish they could. That’s one of many reasons the medium of film is the perfect place to act out those fantasies. Can’t get arrested for imagination. One of our friends here at Terror Time and awesome actress to boot, Sarah Nicklin, was one of the producers on this short film and brought it to our attention. It stars Ben Begley as Paul, Brendan Jennings as Milton, Jerry Marr as Professor Henson and Allene Prince as “Margaret”. Check it out below and let us know what sick and twisted way you would get revenge. It’s made the ‘Staff Pick’ selection on Vimeo. More comedy then horror but we thought our readers would get a kick out of it. Enjoy ya RUBES!

RUBES from Bunker Films on Vimeo.

Two disgruntled teachers use a Rube Goldberg machine to exact revenge on the people who have wronged them.

Written and Directed by: Nathan Alan Bunker
Producers: Andrea Bunker / Nathan Alan Bunker
Co-Producer: Ryan Frost
Director of Photography: Justin Duval

Casting Director: Andrea Bunker
Unit Production Manager: Ruby Cantu
Associate Producers: Stephen V. Johnson / Sarah Nicklin / Richard Turke
Rube Goldberg Machine Built By: Stephen V. Johnson
Composer: Iván Ruiz Serrano
Gaffer: Donnie Hobbie
First Assistant Camera: Tyler Bradberry
Production Sound Mixer: Thomas Corkran
Sound Design & ReRecording Mixer: Howard Karp
Foley Artist & Voice Actor: Meghan McGuinness
Make-Up Artist: Courtney Witherspoon-Balkov
Music Supervisor: Sarah Ponder
Special Thanks: Bryan Johnson / Sarah Vargas / Chell Stephen / Carolyn Richards / Sean Decker

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