VR experiences are quickly becoming an exciting and effective for of advertising. I have tried VR experiences for Jurassic World and Insidious 3, but it looks like the most intense one so far is the VR experience released at Comic Con for American Horror Story. This fully immersive VR nightmare looks to have been truly terrifying.

American Horror Story VR Experience
American Horror Story VR Experience

The AMERICAN HORROR STORY VR EXPERIENCE was set up right outside of Comic Con in an odd looking, metallic, black building. When you enter the building the door is slammed behind you, the staff wearing lab coats reclines you on a platform and the VR headset is placed on your head. The experience then starts with you on a hospital gurney being taken through a series of scenes and iconic moments from the AHS legacy. Apparently you needed reservations to get this 5-minute experience, but luckily they did release a teaser of it on Youtube.


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American Horror Story VR Experience


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