The Outlast 2 Demo is out and it is Terrifying


The first “Outlast” was a unique and frightening romp through a creepy insane asylum. It was a fun play through that felt like it lost steam towards the end. The DLC “Whistleblower” was absolutely fantastic. A few months ago I watched the launch trailer for “Outlast 2” and it was clear that this one was not going to pull any punches. Much to my surprise a new demo launched this week for “Outlast 2” and I downloaded it immediately. The demo was about 30 minutes long and it contained the most intense and stressful horror gaming I have ever experienced. I am personally of a fan of this new genre of horror gaming that involves the use of stealth and wits to survive. I don’t need a machine gun and endless swarms of zombies to be scared; I need good atmosphere and genuine scares! Thankfully “Outlast 2” has plenty of both!


The demo starts with you waking from a car crash wondering through a town screaming for help. This leads you down a twisted path of gore and psychological terror. With only a night vision camera with terrible battery life at your disposal, “Outlast 2” never lets you feel comfortable. I was on edge throughout the entire demo, and I audibly screamed multiple times. Some of the jump scares were very predictable but the overall pacing and design of the game was amazing.

The locations in “Outlast 2” were all incredibly interesting but made me wonder if the game could possibly keep up this pace throughout the entire game length. Most of the gameplay felt linear but the ending of the demo opened up into an intense manhunt in a dark cornfield. This was my favorite part of the demo because it showcased the survival skills needed to survive. The demo ends abruptly and leaves you wanting more. I can only base my opinion off the demo but “Outlast 2” has already beaten out “Resident Evil 7” for my most anticipated horror game. “Outlast 2” is in development by Red Barrels Games and will be coming to consoles and PC in 2017.

Outlast II Teaser

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