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Daryl Dixon is the man

Wait. What? Did you hear that? The screams of the masses?  Is that real?  Is it a real thing?  Is the whole, “if Daryl dies we riot” real?  It is beyond real!  If that were to take place, welcome to my dungeon; and you are more than welcome to drown in my own tears.

CB here for an update. Damnit…our show is not back yet!  I can tell you this: Daryl may not be a player in the comic … but in the show he is vital! He takes care of things that Rick does not feel comfortable doing, or sending Carl to do. states that the character of Daryl is an easy replacement.  I’m sorry, but what woman wants to let go of a sweaty, glistening, muscular, filthy man that wants to keep to himself?  Not this lady. Not now. Not EVER!

Daryl may not be in the comic, but he is now a presence in the series; and has been Rick’s go-to guy. Rick relies on Daryl. We have seen the kinship develop over the past six seasons between Rick and Daryl. For someone to insinuate that Daryl is not a necessity is absurd!

Think back. Who went out on his own to look for Sophia, without regard for himself? Daryl. Who went out on his own to find Beth? Daryl. Looking back to the first season, who went out on his own to find food? Daryl did.


He is a cornerstone in this television series, regardless of whether he was in the comic. It is comical to this writer here that someone actually believes that Daryl is irrelevant. As far as this writer is concerned, Daryl should have been written into the comic!

He is such a hard character to defend. Yes, for the most part he is doing the right thing; but at the same time … who knows? It is always a ballbuster to try to determine whether your guy will make it out alive or not; or do the right thing. But for the majority of the time, Daryl has fought the good fight, for our people. Not others. Yes, that sounds strange, but for our group, he has fought … and he has NOT been insignificant! Daryl … NORMAN is not going anywhere! He was without a family for so long, and now he has one.  A strong, tight family that will be there no matter if the fucking zombie apocalypse happens! A first for Daryl. Someone there, always; no matter what. Based on Norman Reedus’ presence on the show, and the fanfare that has ensued, as a fan, I would like to say that he is not going anywhere anytime soon! Not sure…but yeah, I’m gonna stick with that!

Daryl is here to stay!!!!


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Sneak peek at S7

If Daryl Dixon dies will they really riot?




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