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Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie Review You Need To Read

‘Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie’ is a live-action adaptation of the horror anime/manga series ‘Tokyo Ghoul’. The movie sticks to the source material extremely well and condenses the main story arc from the first season into a satisfying standalone film. There are several things to like about this movie even if you know nothing about the series. The characters are interesting and it moves along at a great pace. The movie does a great job of introducing you to the characters and the world of Tokyo Ghoul, but the less than stellar visual effects may turn you off.

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ is set in a bizarre alternate reality where flesh eating ghouls are a known threat and they are hunted down by an agency called the CCG. The protagonist is a young man by the name of Ken Kaneki. Kaneki is extremely introverted and is thrilled when he meets a girl who is into the same books as him. They set up a date and things go south very quickly. Ghouls look like normal people and aside from having trouble with human food; they can blend in quite well. By the time Kaneki learns that his date is a ghoul, it is too late. He is almost completely dead when a major accident happens and the female ghoul is crushed. He wakes up in the hospital alive and learns that they used the ghoul’s organs to replace his in order to save his life. This sounds like some questionable medical practices but we are dealing with an alternate reality, so who knows. Kaneki quickly realizes that he is now stuck between the world of humans and ghouls and his cravings for flesh are getting out of control.

The cast in this film was incredible. You could tell that these actors really studied the source material and took great care in capturing their essence. Characters like Touka made you sympathetic for the ghouls and introduced some moral quandaries that I didn’t see coming. Kureo Mudo, played by Yô Ôizumi was one of the most interesting villains I have seen on screen in a long time. The gore was overall decent but I really would have liked to see it go a little further. The only serious complaint I have about the movie is the CGI used on the ghouls in battle. There were times in the film where it looked awesome but unfortunately most of it was hard to look at. Luckily the costume design and ghoul masks
were top notch and all looked badass.

Overall, I enjoyed this live action adaptation. It was a lot of fun and I will most likely buy it when the Blu-ray is released. It did a great job of simplifying the source material into a digestible feature length film. Like I said, there are several things to like about this movie. As anime adaptations go, ‘Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie’ is one of the best.

Teaser trailer for Tokyo Ghoul: Live Action. Coming to select theaters 10/16-22 in English subbed!

Tokyo Ghoul

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