When I first preordered my Playstation VR bundle I knew I had to own UNTIL DAWN: RUSH OF BLOOD on day one! A VR rollercoaster with killer clowns and a connection to one of my favorite horror games seemed too good to pass up. The game did not disappoint at all. I really feel like this is a must have launch title if you are an early adopter of the PS VR. The game delivers nonstop thrills and an on-rails shooting experience that captures the glory days of the arcade. Except now the arcade is completely immersive, in your living room and there are killer clowns!

If you haven’t played the original UNTIL DAWN, don’t let that scare you away from this game. Honestly the UNTIL DAWN connection is very thin and it really feels like they were just capitalizing on the name. This is a pretty common tactic in the horror genre, but RUSH OF BLOOD is basically a brand new game with some familiar imagery sprinkled in for fans. The connection to this franchise doesn’t really help or hurt this title; RUSH OF BLOOD is a fun ride that stands on its own just fine.

RUSH OF BLOOD takes place inside the mind of Josh from UNTIL DAWN. The premise is simple enough for an arcade shooter. You are on a rollercoaster and you are going through horrifying locations and shooting everything you can. This is accomplished with amazing use of the move controllers. The controls feel so natural I was honestly blown away by how easy it was to pick up. This is also a great game to play with other people in a party environment. The levels are all pretty short and with the mirrored screen on the PS VR it is hilarious to see people reactions to the jump scares.

RUSH OF BLOOD might not be the most creative game out for the PS VR but out of the several games I have played through it was by far my favorite. It really shows that horror is the perfect genre for VR gaming. The amount of immersion and intensity is almost overwhelming but it never stops being fun. Some of the boss fights were kind of weak and yes the story barely makes any sense but I honestly believe that this title shows off what VR can do better than any game I have played so far. That being said trailers and game play videos do nothing for this game, you must check it out for yourself! UNTIL DAWN RUSH OF BLOOD is out now exclusively on PS4.

For Planet Wolfton! – Ryan Cadaver



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