The Walking Dead Season 8

‘The Walking Dead’ 100 Wrap Up And Sneak Peek At ‘The Next Attack’

They’re back! The Walking Dead Season 8 Premier nails it

Last night was the return of Season 8 and the 100th episode of The Walking Dead. After what many considered a slow Season 7 the series producer and writers promised that season 8 would make up for it by bringing an all out war and they delivered. Rick got his mojo back along with the support of The Hilltop group and The Kingdom. Together they can take on Negan and his Saviors.

Spoiler Warning

Below is a clip of one the biggest moments in last nights Season 8 premier.

This season looks to be action packed and the story is playing out on a large scale. Will Rick come to regret not getting Negan in his cross hairs while he had the chance? Check out a sneak peek at the next episode ‘The Next Attack’ below.

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The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead 100 was a great way to come back to the zombie apocalypse

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