After a bit of a delay, fans of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” video game series won’t have to wait much longer. To get things started, a new launch trailer has premiered, showing new threats and friends of old and new.

The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier” picks up a while after the events that closed out the second season and brings it nearly in line with the current timeline of “The Walking Dead” comic book series. Comic creator Robert Kirkman has indicated that there would be more comic events portrayed in the game, with more potential crossovers. This is evident as we see comic and TV series favorite Paul “Jesus” Monroe in the game trailer.


We’re also introduced to the namesake group “New Frontiers,” a group that “used to be decent people, now they’re something else.” It’s hinted that the new group may be the video game series’ version of “The Saviors,” whose brutality is amplified in the comics and TV series by their leader, Negan.

We also see more of what the TV series lacks right now, battles with hordes of zombies. Returning series protagonist Clementine, Javier, and a new group of survivors deals with the sark decisions that come with meeting death on a daily basis and doing everything they have to to survive. These elements are what make all iterations of “The Walking Dead” famous.


Much like the previous installments, the decision the player makes will affect relationships and what happens to non-player characters throughout the rest of the episodes. Local saves from the previous seasons will also carry over to this new season, making prior decisions have even more weight. Using their cloud-based technology, Telltale will gather the choices people make and use them to tailor future episodes. Some of what happens in Season 3 is a result of choices all players made in the past.

The first two episodes of “The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier” named “Ties That Bind, Part 1 and 2” will be made available on December 20th, 2016, with further episodes to be announced in the future.


Check the trailer out for yourselves and prepare to head back into the dark adventure that is “The Walking Dead.”


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