The Walking Dead Season 8

The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Teaser – Faith In Each Other

Holy walkers! We are now less then a month away from the Season 8 Walking Dead premier which will also be the 100th episode of the series. A giant milestone for any series and TWD shows no signs of slowing down. Today AMC has released the first official teaser for the new season which will be an all out war according to it’s creator Robert Kirkman. Check out the teaser below.

The world is theirs to take, but they’re going to have to fight for it. Don’t miss the Season 8 Premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c.

TWD Creator Robert S. Kirkman was at the TCA panel in Los Angeles and spoke about the upcoming all out war we see coming.

 “It’s a little early, but we all know it’s the all-out war story. So in Season 8 we’re trying to do a more fast-paced season, a more action-packed season, really focusing on momentum, and we feel like over the first seven seasons we kind of set all of the characters into place,  and now it’s time to break them to a certain extent.”

When asked what the flash back at the end of last season meant for season 8 Robert Kirkman said –

Scott Gimple will give me very harsh words if I were to comment on that in any way, but you’re supposed to be talking about that, and that is an intriguing tidbit that we did throw out there on purpose. We’re hoping that people continue to question how that fits into the storyline and what it is. Comic book fans know where a scene that kind of looked like that would fall, but it also doesn’t seem like we would be getting to that just yet. You’ll just have to see.”

I cannot freaking wait! The ratings should be huge for this return.

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KIrkman’s final thoughts on the upcoming battle –

“One of the things that really keeps The Walking Dead going is that every season feels like a different show and as we start to show more promotional material and you guys get to see episodes you’ll see this is another continuation of that, this is a very fresh take on the world of The Walking Dead and we’re going to be breaking a lot of new ground this season.”

Get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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