The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4

The Walking Dead Survivors Move Towards The Future In Episode 804

The Battle continues in season 8 of The Walking Dead. On last night’s episode ‘Monsters’ Rick and the gang continue to push The Saviors and rid the world of evil. The evil in others and inside themselves.

Spoiler Warning

Rick and Daryl are in non-stop fighting action when Rick encounters a familiar face named Morales from the beginning of the end of the world. Now they are not on the same side anymore. While Rick tries to negotiate this stand-off Daryl comes and settles it for them with an arrow to the skull. It seems many fans feels this stand-off ended too soon but the show has bigger fish to fry,

Another huge part of last night’s show was the struggle between Morgan and Jesus. Rather the struggle inside themselves leads them to battle each other in an epic fight.

Another big moment last night came when Aaron lost Eric who suffered a gun wound in an attack against a Savior compound.

Season 8 sometimes feels like we might be fighting the first day of this battle the entire season. I hope the story moves along a little faster then that but it’s awesome to see Rick fierce again and Daryl kicking ass. They are pissed and Negan pushed them into action against him. Take a look at sneak peeks of newt weeks episode!

Tensions rise for Carol as she moves in on a group of saviors alone who seem to be moving out.

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The cast relives their first day on-set of The Walking Dead

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