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Video Games Eat The World! Not really but it feels like it sometimes

2016 had a few highlights in the gaming world and luckily we still have upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy XV to close out the year. That being said 2017 is looking like a much better year for gamers overall. With the current year coming to a close let’s take a look at what to look forward to in 2017. Since release dates are not always firm and they frequently change these may not be in order of release but all titles are expected to drop next year.

RESIDENT EVIL 7– This is one of my most anticipated releases for the year. The demo was fantastic, the VR demo was insane and the game looks like a return back to it horror roots. From recent trailers it looks like the game will feature some combat and occasional zombies but the overall story is still a mystery. It looks scary as hell and supposedly the game will be entirely VR compatible as well. RESIDENT EVIL 7 is set to release on consoles and PC January 24th.

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA– A new adventure in a familiar world. This new storyline will take place long after the “Shepard Trilogy” featuring new worlds and characters. If you missed the original trilogy I suggest jumping in on this one. BioWare seems to be good about welcoming new players to their vast worlds. This title is scheduled for Q1 of the New Year and it looks to be a must buy.

INJUSTICE 2– The follow up to the NetherRealm Studios fighting game looks even more exciting than the original. The storyline will be a continuation of the first INJUSTICE but the game will features a new diverse roster of DC heroes and villains. Newcomers like Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd look promising and the new armor system will potentially change the dynamics of the epic fights. Release is currently TBA 2017.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3– Supposedly the third game to the beloved series will be released in the coming year. I really hope this is true; I cannot wait to dive back into the rich worlds of the series and see all of the new Disney content that they could pull from. Honestly all I can really say is don’t hold your breath.

HORIZON: ZERO DAWN– This beautiful looking game features an incredible landscapes a skilled hunter and robot creatures that resemble dinosaurs. The gameplay looks fantastic and the story looks rich and compelling. HORIZON: ZERO DAWN is a Playstation 4 exclusive that is set to release February 28th.

CUPHEAD– Inspired by 1930’s style cartoons, CUPHEAD look like a classic retro platformer. The art looks amazing and the overall feel of the game looks like pure chaotic excitement. I can’t wait to see the many worlds that CUPHEAD has to offer. This one is coming out sometime in Q2 of 2017 and will be for the XBOX ONE and PC.

STAR TREK: BRIDGE CREW– A VR experience that puts you on the bridge with a full crew of cooperative online players. You must work together to conquer missions and survive the final frontier. This one is a must buy for PSVR early adopters; it is the only logical decision. This release date recently got pushed to March of 2017.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2– This is probably the absolute most anticipated on everyone’s list. The first Red Dead is still one of the best games ever made and I have no doubt that the follow up will be fantastic. We havn’t seen much yet but I can imagine it’ll be an incredible story set in an open world wild west. We have a while for this one and I am sure we will get more footage leading up to the release. RED DEAD 2 is currently set to release in the fall of 2017.

DAYS GONE– This is an incredible looking open world zombie survival game that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I have heard some compare it to the incredible LAST OF US but personally I think DAYS GONE looks like an entirely different beast. In a world where zombie games are a dime a dozen, DAYS GONE looks to be some of the most intense zombie horde killing ever featured in a video game. DAYS GONE will be released on PS4 in late 2017.

What games are you looking forward to in 2017? Hope some of these work for you. Game on!!



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